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Elmer Porter, ECHS Athletic Director, ECSD Activities Director, 775-237-7505
Jeff Evans
, ECHS Principal, ECHS Athletic Administrator, 775-237-5361

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Eureka Vandal Athletic Program

Eureka Athletics is bound by the simple acronym F.A.C.T.S. Our philosophy is simple. The provide students the opportunity to compete in a competitive environment without sacrificing the ability to succeed academically, and to develop lifelong skills through athletic programs.

Family: Family first. Each member of an athletic program at ECHS is taught to value the ideals of solid family structure.

Academics: All members of the athletic program, including coaches, students, faculty, and parents firmly believe the importance of academics in the overall success of individual and program success.

Community: The Eureka community is our home...Eureka athletes and coaches are committed to perform and uphold the values of the community.

Team: "We not Me"..."the means of the many outweigh the means of the few or one"

Self: All program athletes are taught to believe in themselves. The coaching staff is committed to provide the means for individual athletes to better themselves as society members from junior high through high school.

Athletic Schedules

Eureka County High School Coaching Staff

H.S. Football Fred Minoletti Head Coach
H.S. Football Giovani Minoletti Assistant Coach
H.S. Volleyball Kati Benson Head Coach
H.S. Volleyball Sherri Wilker
Assistant Coach
H.S. Girls Basketball Travis Gallagher
Head Coach
H.S. Girls Basketball Geoffrey Bryan Assistant Coach
H.S. Boys Basketball Fred Minoletti Head Coach
H.S. Boys Basketball Kai Davis Assistant Coach
H.S. Wrestling Jeremy Auch
Head Coach
H.S. Wrestling Jerry Don Todd Assistant Coach
H.S. Baseball Kai Davis Head Coach
H.S. Baseball Kenny Sanders Assistant Coach
H.S. Softball Briana Brown Head Coach
H.S. Softball Sam Wilson Assistant Coach
H.S. Track Geoffrey Bryan Head Coach
H.S. Track Allen Gumm Assistant Coach
H.S. Cheer Amanda Rosener Head Coach
H.S. Cheer AssistantCoach
J.H. Football Aitor Eskandon Head Coach
J.H. Football Nate Johnson        Assistant Coach
J.H. Volleyball Steve Zimmerman

Head Coach
Assistant Coach
J.H. Girls Basketball Steve Zimmerman
Ashley Adams

Head Coach
Assistant Coach
J.H. Boys Basketball Juan Davila Head Coach
J.H. Basketball Assistant Irma Davila
Assistant Coach
J.H. Track Theresa Williams Head Coach
J.H. Track  Kip Merritt
Asst. Coach
 Academic Olympics Winnona Eversgerd  
   Kathy Damele  


Eureka County High School Extra-Curricular Advisors

Yearbook Advisor
Kathy Porter
FFA Advisor
Leslie Zimmerman
National Honor Society Advisor
Winnona Eversgerd
Student Council Advisor
Amanda Rosener
H.S.Academic Olympics Advisor
Winnona Eversgerd
Kathy Damele
7th Grade Advisor

8th Grade Advisor

9th Grade Advisor

10th Grade Advisor

11th Grade Advisor

12 Grade Advisor

ECHS Athletic Hall of Fame Members

Grant Crutchley - Inducted 2017
Jim Ithurralde - Inducted 2017

Vandal Nevada State Athletic/Academic Championships

Year Sport Coach Team GPA
2011 Girls Basketball Ken Fujii
2011 Girls Volleyball

Kati Benson

Vandal Nevada State Champions


Dennis Wells

Dennis Wells

Dennis Wells


Dennis Wells

Dennis Wells

Dennis Wells

Girls Basketball

Grant Crutchley

Grant Crutchley

2013 Ken Fujii

Boys Basketball

1949 Grant Davis

1999 Tim Olson


Dennis Wells

Dennis Wells
   Academic Olympics Winnona Eversgerd  â€‹2015

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